Work is building out the team, which has meant a new desk location for me, a new “view.” (Side note the office view is very good). I’ve been thinking about onboarding today and how one day or the first few days can be so essential to how the work is viewed from a new hire. Over time everyone will sort everything out, team dynamics, processes, etc. But at the start you have a chance to give them a leg up. Instead of months to sort out the details on their own, a good onboarding could widdle that time down to days or even hours. Good people,on your team, combined with good hires should only take at most days to incorroparate your team, not weeks or months. If you’re having trouble it might not be the hiree, it could be your onboarding process. Happy to see my co-worker knows how to onboard and while one person can take on most of the onboarding work, the rest of the team needs to be involved too. It’s a team after all.

Jay Moltz @jmoltz